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Never suffer from chronic procrastination again

Should you move to SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub? I can tell you about our experience here. We moved our operations here in SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub after being selected for TEGAS Startup Lab Cohort 2 and I could tell you all about why we love it here....

Practical Taught on Starting Up as a Student

If you are thinking about starting out, here are some taught and hacks to a smoother journey. We recently have major shifts in the founders club direction. It feels like the load that we have on us is going to increase even more, so i adjusted my time to fit the...

When should you raise money? (and what should you start doing now)

Why would investor invest money in a startup? That was the question i have coming to KL and i had the pleasure to meet the fine people at beam and made everything sound so step by step i was mind blown. This is important if you want to get invested in your startup...