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How to Come Up with a Business Idea(3 Quick Ways)

Ever thought of starting a business? Don’t know how to start? Don’t know what to do? Here are 3 quick tips on helping you look for inspiration. 1. Look to problems that you currently face. Don’t look at the problem and feel it’s just there to annoy you, many people...

10 Quick Tips on How to Scale Your Social Enterprise

Starting and getting your social enterprise up and running has never been easier. The Malaysian Government has announced it will be supporting social enterprises more than ever before. This provides budding social entrepreneurs more opportunities, funding and...

Progressive Web App is now available on Google Play Store!

Great news for fellow developers out there ! Google Play Store has recently launched a new feature which adds more options for developers to code mobile applications with. Progressive Web App (PWA) now offered in Google Play Store   The new feature which is called...