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No more excuses, let’s build a startup.

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Are you building a startup?

Don’t Settle For Less

The Hardest Part Of Starting Up is Knowing What You Need.

The Founders Bloom Program is a 5-weeks bootcamp program designed to help early-stage startups develop their technical skillsets. We help teams perfect their idea from building a prototype into growing to become a startup. What’s more, you can submit your idea to join our partnered pre-accelerator program and go disrupt the world.



Our curriculum combines, mentorship, speakers and workshops to offer the best in startup education with the help of FutureLab, where they have a pool of talents who are ready to help.

Bloom’s Mission

Why Bloom?

It’s simple, we believe you should never stop pursuing your dreams.


We’ve heard countless of dreams from people about building the next big thing, but many of those ideas never got off the ground — simply because “I don’t know how to…”



The Bloom Program is here to end excuses. Period.


Promote the ideals of innovation and creativity among youths


Produce startup talents that are ready to disrupt the market and beyond


Develop the entrepreneurial mindset and grit in individuals.


Foster strategic networks of entres for your business growth.

the bloom program

Make Your Own Opportunities

The Bloom Program Model is used to illustrate the coherence of all our core modules and skillsets. Resembling the shape of a flower, the Bloom Program Model is the epitome of an ideal startup structure where each team member can work on a seamless, holistic and integrated continuum while covering the necessary ingredients for a sustainable and strong startup team.

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