“high turnover, they all become entrepreneurs” Miri DM agency growing startups batch by batch
iPrima is a fast growing digital marketing agency that grows businesses online,



iPrimaMedia Tagline:

“We Are A Community of Growth Marketers Making Your Business VISIBLE & SEARCHABLE Online!”


They are on a mission to equip young talents with digital skills to empower business growth, apparently this is not just a marketing trick, they actually produce results!

In Miri alone, after operating for two years, their past employees have produced 6 startups in Miri. Some are still working in iPrima!

Owen Choo (an iPrima employee and founder)

“In iPrima, you learn in an environment that forces you to be autonomous in operating and learning. It requires having a growth mindset that startups have all been talking about, so you are, technically, learning how to start your own business without the risk of starting your business, if you know what I mean.”



In addition, iPrima has one of the best working environments in Miri, with bean bags and sleeping areas made available during working hours!!

iPrima founder Shaun Ling believes that iPrima will be a replacement to the traditional education system.

Traditional Education system:

You pay to learn, and then try to find somewhere to implement.

But in iPrima education:

You come in, learn as much as you can, and get paid implementing the knowledge, then move to starting up your own (iPrima even supports some of their own startups).

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