Ever thought of starting a business? Don’t know how to start? Don’t know what to do? Here are 3 quick tips on helping you look for inspiration.

1. Look to problems that you currently face.

Don’t look at the problem and feel it’s just there to annoy you, many people may face the same problems. Instead, look for solutions to those problems and try to market that idea.

For example, Netflix was founded because the founders wanted to watch movies online.

2. Look at existing products or services.

Have you ever experienced bad or overpriced service or product? If what current market offerings are not good enough, why not look into making a better one?

For example, back when Malaysia Airlines was the only choice when it comes to flying, it was too expensive for most Malaysians. Air Asia then came about to offer flights for less solving the issue of price.

3. Anticipate Problems.

What do you think are the problems society will face in the next decade or more? Sometimes products are created ahead of when society experiences a problem.

For example, people lived without smartphones just fine more than a decade ago, but as people seek more connectivity, the demand for smartphones exploded and continued to grow.

If you hit the right spot, you hit the jackpot!


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