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What is SMA Launch Campus?

Launch Campus is a 6 week programme to help students kick start their business ideas. You will be guided through the important aspects of entrepreneurship that is divided into 6 themes. The main goal of the program is to guide you to rapidly innovate and test your ideas. The offer is open to all students, regardless of faculty or background and the participants are not picked based on your ideas. Instead, interviews are done to evaluate the feasibility of your team and your ideas.

Curtin to Be the First to Run SMA Launch Campus

Curtin is actively exploring into developing and creating entrepreneurs to carry Curtin’s name. Curtin will be partnering up with Sarawak Multimedia Authority to bring Sarawak’s first Startup Pre-Accelerator Program in Universities throughout Sarawak.

How are we different?


  1. Localized
  2. Customizable
  3. Synergy
  4. Flexibility

Localized contents, coaches and resources are tailor-made to fit your needs and requirements. The resource partners implements customizable programmes / workshops for 6 weeks to make sure that its helps you the best it can. Community-builders, startup enablers and coaches from different backgrounds and expertise work together in synergy to bring in the best of different industries to help you gain insights to the different aspects of business. You will be given opportunity and flexibility to work on each modules within a week between each modules. It gives you time to find the perfect balance between your studies and participation in this accelerator.

The programme structure is as follows:


  1. Forming Teams & Business Model
  2. Prototyping & Design Thinking
  3. Go-To-Market
  4. Financial & Accounting
  5. Pitching & Funding
  6. Demo Day
  7. Setting Goals & Reflection

The programme will firstly help you to find and form the right team, how to make a business model, test and validate the ideas. You will then learn to create prototypes with minimal resources and further refine your business model. Also, you will plan your go-to-market strategy to get the first 10 customers by designing your market strategy and finding the right market.You will also know how to establish your company, forecast your financials and keep a good financial and accounting record.  Once you have gone through all that, you will have a demo day to pitch your business to judges and win prizes!

Throughout the programme you will receive support and coaching from

  1. Curtin University Malaysia
  2. The Founders Club
  3. Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA)
  4. SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub
  5. Developer Student Club

You will gain access to Digital Village Square and BLOOM Programme that will help you further build on your business.

So, what’s next after completing this programme?

If you are dedicated and passionate about your idea or business, we will be very committed to provide mentorship and handholding support for you through collaboration with the startup-enabler communities in Sarawak and our portfolio of partnership and services to the you at a reduced price, or for free. To those of you that establishes a company after this programme, we will refer you to professionals whom are more equipped with the commercialization process. We ensure and help student-level startups prepare for scaling and commercialization even after the accelerator. You will have the opportunity to continue to scale your business further through programmes such as TEGAS Startup Lab, Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE, WTF Accelerator and Global Accelerator Programme


Those of you interested to join this programme make sure you are eligible! For students not in Curtin Malaysia, worry not! Express your interest to have this program in your university to us and we will do our best to bring it to a university near you!

What are the key dates?

Starts on 21st September 2019.

The event will run every Saturday, 9am to 5pm and Ends on 25th October 2019.

What are you waiting for?

Click on the image below to sign up now and secure your spot!

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