Are you an entrepreneur? Have you ever come face to face with a problem that you just couldn’t solve? Or maybe you’re longing for some insightful conversation with your peers?

You’ve definitely faced these situations before. And especially if you’re only starting out on your entrepreneurship journey. Sometimes, you’ll come across an issue that you have no idea how to handle. And other times, you’re just looking for some profound advice.



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Well, if you weren’t already part of an entrepreneurship community, then why not? There’re tons of perks that come along with being included in a community. From knowledge sharing to networking and even socializing as new friends, there’s a lot you can achieve as a group.

With that in mind, there are a number of entrepreneur communities right here in Sarawak. So depending on whether you’d like to join a government-linked community or a private one, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the top entrepreneur communities in the state.




1. SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub



“Accelerating Sarawak’s Digital Economy.”

From its motto, you can tell that the SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub is serious about its effort to support entrepreneurs. TEGAS aims to create a friendly environment for young Sarawakian entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the hub has plenty of programs to support the ever-growing startup scene. Some of these programs include an accelerator boot camp, a startup lab, and more.

The innovation hub offers startups the opportunity for expansion. High-speed internet is also readily available, while funding and facilitation opportunities are abundant. All in all, the friendly entrepreneur ecosystem is a great place to build a community.

Want to find out more? SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub has a website that you can find here.

Here’s a video clip of their project in Sarawak called ROAD TO DIGITAL VILLAGE


2. MaGIC Sarawak @ Borneo 744


magic coworking

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Located some 11km from the city of Kuching, this former mechanical workshop has been repurposed as the current home of Borneo 744. The former workshop is now set to be the country’s first entrepreneur and arts district.

What makes Borneo 744 special? The locale covers an area of 10 acres with five buildings giving a total built-up area of 120,000sqft.  And each building block has its own purpose. From events to forums and even a co-working space, Borneo 744 has the right setup to be the pioneer entrepreneurship community in the region.

In particular, the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) has set up shop here. This co-working space aims to provide a collaborative environment for the startup community.

You can expect the necessary basic facilities and services in this co-working space. Internet connectivity and private meeting rooms can be arranged. While entrepreneurship events and programs held at the location are a norm.

You can find out more about MaGIC Sarawak here, while information on Borneo 744 can be found here.

Here’s a highlight video on their Pre-Accelerator Bootcamp in 2018


3. The Founders Club


founders club

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While we’re on the subject of young entrepreneurs, The Founders Club got established in early 2018. Starting with a couple of passionate students, the club has now grown into a friendly society. These founders (no pun intended) had a simple goal in mind – To empower young Malaysians with entrepreneurship skills necessary to be successful.
And their strategy has been successful so far. While being a young company, the club has managed to expand its operations. An increasing number of new members is proof of this. To be exact, there was a 211% increase since their humble beginnings.

The Founders Club currently has its gaze on community building. They’ve been organising various entrepreneur-centric events for the benefit of young entrepreneurs. Last but not least, the club also has a number of programs to aid its cause, namely the Bloom Program and the GB Movement.

The Founders Club is located in Curtin University, Sarawak. You can find out more about The Founders Club via their website here.


4. The 381 Hub @ Digital Curve


381 hub

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Up next is the 381 hub, a co-working space housed within the Digital Curve.

What’s a Digital Curve you say? The Digital Curve is the culmination of efforts to provide a space for collaborative work. The curve also has a focus on the health and wellness of its members.

In essence, the company believes that the mind and body should be equally taken care of. To that end, the Digital Curve is made up of a few spaces.

The 381 Hub acts as a collaborative space for entrepreneurs and startups that need their own workspace. While other spaces include an F&B space, a wellness space, and a space for kids to be creative.

These efforts combined create an ideal and healthy environment for entrepreneurs.

Find out more here.


5. Sarawak Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)


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This government-based organization was first established to promote commerce and industry in Sarawak. The SCCI also has communication channels for member-businesses with other government bodies. For example, the Malaysian Government, Sarawak Government, and other Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

Since its establishment, the SCCI has gathered a large number of members. Regardless of the size of the company, the SCCI has hardly turned away any business in need of aid. And this includes newer businesses such as startups and SMEs.

In fact, the SCCI has annual awards aimed toward outstanding entrepreneurs. For instance, the SCCI gives an entrepreneur of the year award and an outstanding entrepreneurship award every year.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of a long-standing organization with a huge network, then the SCCI is for you. We’d suggest considering applying to be a member of the SCCI.

You can find out more on the SCCI from its website.


6. Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak (KOBIS)



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KOBIS is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) located in Sarawak. It aims to drive the development of entrepreneurship and innovation among Sarawak youths. The NGO is actively involved in the development of Sarawak youths. With a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and skills, you’re definitely in good hands.

More importantly, KOBIS provides a cooperation platform to bring together young entrepreneurs. It also focuses on the social aspect of all its members. In short, KOBIS has been focusing all its efforts on helping the younger generation.

KOBIS regularly organises various events focusing on the social aspect of youths. You can find out more from their website.


7. Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA)



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SEA is a networking platform used by its members to collaborate amongst themselves. And its end-goal is to create and enhance the Sarawak Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (SEE).

To do this, their efforts tend to skew toward establishing networks and communications. For instance, international networking between members and Sarawak entrepreneurs are the norm. And communication between other entrepreneurial associations and business organisations are also common.

Find out more on SEA here.


8. Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC)



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SEDC is another government-based corporation. This corporation is generally involved in promoting the commercial development of Sarawak.

Unsurprisingly, the SEDC has recently jumped on the startup bandwagon. It has also focused a lot of its attention on developing the local entrepreneur field. To achieve this, SEDC has set up the Entrepreneur and Community Development Division. Furthermore, the SEDC also offers support in the form of various loan schemes.

Information on the SEDC and their services can be found here.


9. National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM)



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NAWEM is an NGO that acts as a platform for female entrepreneurs to network themselves. Knowledge sharing among their peers is always encouraged. And NAWEM also aims to provide leadership to shape young women to be proficient in business.
In this case, NAWEM’s Sarawak branch does not differ all that much from the main branch. Its initial aim was to give local Sarawakian women an opportunity. An opportunity to interact and connect with their peers on a national level. We’re referring to the networking between local Sarawakians and their Peninsula sisters here.

NAWEM’s main goal is to develop the personal growth of women entrepreneurs. Though, the organisation also places an importance on knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts. Additionally, business networking and social gatherings are definitely welcomed. Indeed a true sisterhood of sorts.

Find out more here.


10. iCube Innovation



iCube Innovation is a startup incubator aimed toward Sarawak’s young entrepreneurs. It’s designed to facilitate the creation and growth of entrepreneurs through its unique co-working space. Entrepreneurs and young business owners alike will be able to collaborate and share ideas.

Whether you’re in the midst of a project or do not know where to start, iCube has a dynamic community that’s here for you. The co-working space acts as a common ground. And you’ll also get all the essential facilities. If that’s not enough, you can even get networking opportunities. Not to mention the training and mentoring benefits. All these perks will surely be able to help kick off and maximize your business initiatives.

iCube Innovation is a partner of MaGIC and TEGAS. So you’ll definitely be able to feel right at home with the community here.

Feel free to check out iCube Innovation’s website for more information.




As you can tell, there’s already some traction in the local entrepreneurship community. We’d suggest getting out there and getting more involved with the community. Who knows? You might even get an answer or two for that problem you’ve been having for a while.