Should you move to SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub? I can tell you about our experience here. We moved our operations here in SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub after being selected for TEGAS Startup Lab Cohort 2 and I could tell you all about why we love it here.
First of all to refresh or enlighten those who forgot or do not know what is SMA-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub, it is a co-working space initiative under the State Government funded through Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and managed by Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Bumiputera Sarawak (TEGAS). After operating from this space for months, we have found it to have increased our productivity compared to being a nomad working from many different places. Having a working space keeps us in the “working mood” compared to common places people work from such as Cafes or University spaces. There are many distractions in those places such as having friends around and cafe environments are just too relaxed. Not to say having friends around is a bad thing but most of the time we just want to have an environment where we can totally “zone in” into our work.
One of the best things about this space is it’s inclusive of coffee, tea and cold/hot water. I mean, the highlight would definitely be coffee. It is not just your run of the mill coffee but good instant coffee (Nescafe Gold) with a Nescafe machine that I now can’t imagine living or working without. I dare say it is close to Cafe coffee and even better than Starbucks (which I think is extremely overpriced bad coffee). It even produces the coffee “creme” which just adding hot water to it doesn’t produce and it’s all inclusive in your Hub access.
Next, the people around here that you work around with. There is a saying that goes “You are only as good as the people you have around you”. Being here with other like-minded people within the same co-working space really proved that phrase right for me. Mingling around with them has inspired me through their work and goals. We are not alone in the startup community. Having people around allows us to learn from them and possibly they could learn something from us. Kudos to the management team too for being super friendly and super helpful in allowing us to fully utilise the space.
The space here also has a discussion and meeting room where we can conduct meetings with a large team or even small team or management discussion comfortably. The stage and sitting area is also a great space to conduct workshops or other small events. We have previously run Startup Weeknd SDG here and the space proved to be extremely useful. If you would like to conduct any sort of events right here in the hub do not hesitate to contact us or the friendly management team. Most importantly, we get to know about every event that is going to be held here. I mean, we work from here so we get to see all the banners around so we never miss out on the latest events that aims to help startups like us to grow.
Not to mention the packages are inclusive of utilities (electric, water, sundries, etc) and some packages include printing. And the printer prints in very high quality compared to normal printers (If you are OCD like me or into that kind of “Quality stuff”)  
I would say our experience here is extremely good and we would definitely recommend this place to anyone or startups to occupy a space here be it a solo or a team-based startup. There are spaces for both single seats and twin seats. If you would like to know more about the space or want to run events here don’t hesitate to contact us or the friendly management team here.