Good news for young local entrepreneurs aching make it and delve into the entrepreneurial scene. TEGAS has just opened the new and sophisticated SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri. “Innovation starts here”.


This initiative is spearheaded by TEGAS (Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Sarawak) with funding from SMA (Sarawak Multimedia Authority). The opening of the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub is part of SMA’s initiative to proliferate digital economy enablers within the state.



SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri entrance (Image via Fadel Juber)


The SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is one of the first DIHs. The first DIH opened in Kuching some two years ago. Then, another one in Sarikei followed suit. And, recently, DIHs in Miri and Bintulu have opened simultaneously. SMA hopes to further proliferate this initiative to rural areas like Limbang, Lawas and the like, in the near future.


The space is now open for use, but the official opening will be on the End of February 2019 (Date to be announced). For live update follow SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub official Facebook page [here].



Ambitious goals to cultivate a more forward Sarawak

wall-art-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub

Encouraging and motivational wall typography at DIH Miri (Image via Fadel Juber)


The opening of the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is in lieu of the Chief Ministers ultimate goal to proliferate Digital Economy within the state. The local government is so proactive in encouraging growth among the youth.


DIH funder SMA has long-term goals to oversee and further proliferate the development and implementation of communication, multimedia and the state’s Digital Economy Initiatives.



Open discussion space (Image via Fadel Juber)


While TEGAS provides continuous growth opportunities for early-stage startups. Besides that, they encourage building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem within the state.


The main reason the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri opened is to proliferate success among local and young entrepreneurs and eventually build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem within the state . This effort is towards reaching the CM’s goal of driving Sarawak’s digital economy. DIH is also an inclusive avenue to nurture talents, support entrepreneurs and encourage innovators.


The hub opened to provide digital skills and talent management, boost e-commerce activity, develop agile and tech-savvy human resource, and encourage greater involvement in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programmes.



The events space (Image via Fadel Juber)


The final goal of the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is to encourage digital inclusivity. Not just amongst entrepreneurs, but amongst everyone in Sarawak.




SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub’s strategic partners who aid the strive towards these goals

Of course, all these goals would be unattainable without help from SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub’s partnersThe DIH works extensively with several strategic partners. All of whom fight for the same end goal of establishing a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem within Sarawak.


Its partners include MaGIC Sarawak, SHELL, PETROSAR Academy, Media Prima, SWINBURNE University, SME Corporation, and Austrade (Australian Trade and Investment Commission). iCube Innovation, TERAJU, chumbaka, EFXCOSATU CREATIVE SERVICES, and NOH PHROFILE Enterprise are also partners.


Together, they spearhead the initiative toward reaching all the aforementioned goals. So, head on down to the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri to support this commendable joint initiative. Join the strive towards establishing a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem. Contribute to the advancement within Sarawak.



Location, location, location! Prime location in Miri’s new hotspot

Miri-Times-Square-EGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri

Miri Times Square centre (Image via Fadel Juber)


The SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is located in the newest commercial area of Miri. Miri Times Square is the newest addition to the Marina Park City commercial area. Recently finished, the area boasts beautiful urban architecture. The square centerpiece is a grand clock that’s a symbol of livability, vitality, sustainability, and community in Miri.


SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri occupies three lots in Miri Times Square. It’s officially located at lot A-2-29 – A-2-31-A and A-2-31B on the second floor of block A, Miri Times Square at Marina ParkCity. You can easily find it above the new and trendy Sushi Zanmai. If unsure about the location you can simply Waze or use Google Maps to get there.


The SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is open from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, the DIH is only open for programs and events.



Comprehensive variety of services and facilities


Single workspace, double workspace, printer, pantry


The SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri is decked with facilities to cater to all entrepreneurs or just anyone looking to learn. It’s specially designed to enhance the experience for youngsters interested in digital entrepreneurship.



Discussion room, private office space, discussion space and smaller discussion room


The SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri offers amenities such as shared co-working spaces, fast internet connectivity, printing/ copying/ scanning services, free flow coffee from the complete pantry, a surau,  discussion rooms, and a Skybooth.



The pantry where users get to enjoy free flow coffee (Image via Fadel Juber)


The comprehensive space creates a conducive and tech-savvy environment for any entrepreneur. The shared facility encourages work efficiency and fraternizing between fellow entrepreneurs. This enables a tight-knit and well connected entrepreneurial ecosystem to form locally.  


bean-bags-TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri

Bean bag corner (Image via Fadel Juber)


Besides a comprehensive facility, the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri also holds a multitude of incubation and acceleration programmes to grow any young or new entrepreneur. These programmes include the TEGAS Pre-Accelerator Bootcamp, TEGAS Startup Lab and Sarawak Shell Livewire (in partnership with TEGAS).


Besides programmes, SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri Miri also provides funding opportunities and facilitation. Users and members of TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri also have access to all TEGAS and their Partners’ Programmes.


If you’re interested in becoming a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, SMA- TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri welcomes you over. Come grab a cup of coffee with the team and they’ll willingly show you around the sophisticated space.



Double-A rates; Attractive and Affordable


Image via SMA -TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Facebook


This table provides a detailed overview of facility usage rates at the SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub. There are different plans and benefits tailored to suit any of entrepreneur or startup.


Rates are capped well within a manageable range. Miri’s startup community is so advantageous. They’ve been gifted such a comprehensive and useful service for a bargain. Such reasonable rates for the extensive array of benefits are close to non-existent in private shared office spaces.


Collaborative spaces and open concepts are prevalent in mega-corporations such as Google, Apple, and Tesla. The implementation of collaborative spaces in these multi-billion dollar businesses further proves its effectiveness.


Early birds to sign up get to enjoy up to 50% in discounts. If you’re looking to bring your startup to another level, but lack resources and an environment to work in, sign up to use the shared space. With all the facilities provided and the conduciveness of the environment, it’s well worth the investment. Get all the perks of a business environment without having to break bank setting up your own space.



Visit SMA – TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub Miri to experience the feel of working in a sophisticated space


The Skybooth and collaborative work station (Image via Fadel Juber)


Check it out for yourself. This new DIH is definitely going to impact the community positively. The knowledge, innovation and technology-driven initiative to accelerate economic growth within Sarawak is beyond commendable.


The local community is so lucky to have government agencies that are so proactive and involved in communal growth. The growth opportunities provided for start-ups and entrepreneurs are sure to benefit many. It will definitely be exciting to expect the cultivation and growth of local talent. One can only wonder of progress this will bring the state.



View of entrance from the outside (Image via Fadel Juber)


This government initiative by SMA and TEGAS is sure to inspire many youths and members of society. The state inches closer to realizing the Chief Ministers vision of giving ample opportunity to drive Sarawak’s digital economy while enriching the community. Hopefully too, SMA-TEGAS DIgital Innovation Hub reaches their goal to build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem within the state.