2019 sees a boom in new startups in East Malaysia especially in Miri thanks to the state government’s effort in building the startup ecosystem and encouraging the public to be involved in the fast-moving startup scene. It is also worth mentioning that a number of them are really impactful and are making some significant contributions to the community. Do you know who are they? Read on this blog as we list out the top 8 influential startups in Miri and tell you why should care about them!

1) The Tuyang Initiative

The Tuyang Initiative Logo Founded in 2017, The Tuyang Initiative is a social enterprise that works closely with the Dayak (Bornean indigenous) communities of Sarawak through inclusive development and promotion of talents, products & services in areas of cultural-heritage for a chance at sustainable alternative income and preservation of tradition, arts & culture. The heart of The Tuyang Initiative is in economic and skill uplifting of rural Bornean indigenous communities. Currently, they are piloting their efforts with the Orang Ulu communities of Sarawak.

2) The Founders Club

The Founders Club Logo

The Founders Club is an entrepreneurship club that was founded in early 2018 by a couple of passionate students. Their main goal is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs by providing them the necessary tools and the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. More than just a club, The Founders Club is a family with the will to bring change, to bridge the gap between ideas and action, to be the support you never had. and more. They aim to be the one-stop center to lead and inspire the communities to acquire entrepreneurial mindset as well as the grassroot movement to help empower today’s community.

3) JomTani

JomTani Logo

JomTani is an agricultural business intelligence company with a mission to disrupt the food value chain with the help of technology.

With the aim to support local urban farmers, they work very closely with the local communities surrounding the town in order to provide the freshest quality of products to your tables.

Their services cover all three of the food value chain, starting from crop production, farm input management, cash flow process and planning for farmers and aspiring agropreneurs.


4) All Aboard Young Leaders Centre (AAYLC)
All Aboard Young Leaders Centre (AAYLC) Logo

All Aboard Young Leaders Centre (AAYLC) is a Sarawak-based social enterprise dedicated to the empowerment of youths and children through STEM education, leadership and entrepreneurial learning experiences. They aspire to help young people discover themselves and grow into confident individuals, innovative thinkers and problem solvers with a heart for the community. Providing platforms for leadership to be demonstrated, they design and deliver hands-on sustainable programmes, workshops, camps and engaging talks to grow young people into responsible leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

5) MoreFun

MoreFun Logo

MoreFun is a new and modern platform that assists you to grow your business fast and efficiently without struggling through old school methods.

Inspired by the trend of e-commerce and the development of information technology dominating the market, MoreFun is created to meet local market demand and to elevate the living standards of the locals.

Indeed, the lifestyle app provides information, advertisement, discount, ticket purchasing and etc., and is proved to be more environmental friendly, flexible and convenient to use for the locals.


6) Page Productions

Established on 2019, Page productions is a Miri, Sarawak based video startup, an independent full-service video production company.Their USP is their story based video services, which is the first in Miri.
They also provide video services such as commercial videos, film videos, and others. their video services range are from miri and brunei.

7) Funnel Bear

Funnelbear Logo Funnel Bear is a digital marketing agency that aims to help your business connect, strengthen, and solidify your relationship with your customers. It is different from your traditional marketing agencies as the team behind it is driven on results based marketing in the digital realm. Thus, marketing and ROI (Return On Investment) measurability is how they aim to alleviate your problems and elevate your business and brand. They strive to achieve this by taking care of your marketing strategy, web experience, lead generation tactics, and even your brand’s perception.

8) Ai Brique Engineering

Ai Brique Engineering Logo

Ai Brique Engineering is your end-to-end engineering solutions consultant. With their built-in ecosystem, the team is here to assist you and your concerns either in mechanical, electrical, electronics & IoT field of industry. They are dedicated to offer you a flexible and dynamic solutions from consultancy, design, procurement, commissioning, prototyping, operation and project management.

As a startup, the team always comes up with interestingly viable and sustainable approaches and methods to ensure that the clients’ worries are addressed. Whether it’s to understand and investigate your case or to identify and mitigate your problems, Ai Brique Engineering is here to assist you all the way throughout your project, from planning to handover, from timeline, cost to manpower or scope management.

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