in conjunction with Sarawak Agrofest 2019            

What is HackWknd – Agrofest?

HackWknd is Sarawak’s largest hackathon series by Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), and guess what, there is another one coming right up! Happening from the 10th to 29th November 2019, this time, HackWknd is going online! Yes, you heard that right! Unlike a traditional hackathon, you and your team will be given all the time and resources you need to build your winning idea and simply submit them before the deadline. Then, we will pick the top 10 teams from the submissions we receive and if your team is selected, we will fly your whole team down to Kuching for a showcase and pitch at the annual Sarawak Agrofest 2019. All your travel and accommodation expenses will be covered*!

Our focus for this edition is none other than — Agriculture! So, if you happen to have a brilliant idea or prototype that can spur the agriculture industry with the help of technology, let’s give it a shot at HackWknd in conjunction with Sarawak Agrofest 2019, Organized by Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land & Regional Devt (MANRED), and Powered by Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and The Founders Club.


Interested to join? There are 2 things to get started! Download our infopack and register your interest.

*Read FAQ for more information

 Total Prize Pool


Top 3 Prize

1st: RM 5,000.00
2nd: RM 3,000.00
3rd: RM 1,500.00


Consolation prize pool worth RM 7,000 for the top 10 invited teams.

Most Referral Award

The top 3 referrals will get a Google Home Mini each as reward for their contribution.

Key Timeline

* The showcase of Hackwknd will be happening on the 29th Nov 2019 at Celebration Square, Stadium Negeri, Petra Jaya, Kuching

Judge Panel


Frequently Asked Questions


> Is there any entrance fee?
No fees will be charged throughout the program! All we ask from you is your time and commitment to make your idea happen.
> Who can attend?
HackWknd is open to all members of the public — be it working professionals, developers, designers, aspiring entrepreneurs and even students. But if you’re under 18 years old, we will require your parent/guardian’s consent before joining the HackWknd.
> What can I win?
The top 3 winners will be awarded RM 5,000, RM 3,000 and RM 1,500 respectively. Consolation prizes that are worth RM1,000 each will be given to the remaining invited teams.
> Do I need a working prototype to join?
Prototype, yes! Working, not necessarily, but it would be great. We understand there are many challenges in creating the perfect prototype of your idea. So, if you couldn’t finish by the deadline, just submit whatever you can.


> Any hacking rules to be aware of?

You can read the rules and regulations of HackWknd in the infopack. Download it here


> What do I need to bring if my team gets selected?
Aside from your travelling needs and a pitch deck, we expect you to bring the prototype of your winning idea during the showcase at Agrofest 2019 in Kuching. But, if this poses a challenge logistics wise, we recommend creating a product video OR a scaled down version of the prototype. Remember, do whatever it takes to impress the judges and the crowd!
> How is the judging format?
Each team will be given a booth to showcase their prototype. The judges will go around to each booth one at a time and you will pitch to them in the given timeframe.

Pitching 3min, QnA 2min*

*Subject to changes


> How do I apply?
Register your interest and download our info pack!
> Do I need a team to join?
Yes, we require at least 2 or a maximum of 4 people in a team. Its just more fun that way!
> When is the deadline to submit project?

At 11:59pm on 25th November 2019. Don’t worry, there’s no turnitin.


> How will the travel and accommodation be covered?
We work by reimbursement, which means if selected, participants outside of Kuching are expected to purchase flight tickets with their own money first and the organiser will reimburse up to a certain amount. Flight reimbursements will be capped at RM 350/participant. Any additional costs incurred by flight expenses will be borne by the participants. Accommodation are fully sponsored, don’t worry.
> How about food and in-city travelling?
Food and snacks will be provided throughout the program. Unfortunately, the organisers will not reimburse for any in-city travelling such as fuel or ride-hailing expenses. Participants are expected to cover these expenses on their own.
> I have a different question, who should I contact?
You can reach me by email or WhatsApp at:

Irfan Ismail

E: irfan@founders.myP: +60 13 688 7507

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