Founder’s Make Clear of their Stance in Coming Student Council Election

An interview with the leadership team of founders club regarding the contents of the election gave us insights to the recent student council debate.

In the debate, The founders club’s name was mentioned on a few occasions on topics around community building, the MyCurtin APP.

Image Credit: Founders.my

The statement TFC announced as follows:

Attention all students: We have had alot of enquiries after today’s Student Council debate in regards to The Founders Club’s stance. As a response to today’s debate, the leadership team had a discussion on the various topics pitched and we believe that their manifesto are meant to benefit the Curtin community.


The gist of a startup is to solve problems and make life better, and we hold strongly to our stance. We welcome any who would make Curtin better with open arms especially in the fields of entrepreneurship, leadership and community building.
Thus, regardless of the outcome of this election, we stand with the students and would support any who support our cause.
LOTS OF LOVE, The Founders Club.
Psst – Do look forward to our MyCurtin beta programme 😘
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