Startup Weekend Companies That Brings Something New To The Table!


Startup Weekend is a platform for people who have great interests in wanting to create their own company from ground-up. In Startup Weekend’s website, it claims in just 54 hours, you will experience the “highs and lows” and “fun and pressure that make up life at a startup”. At Startup Weekends, you will get to learn how to create a real company and meet some of the best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are willing to help you start your business.


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To put it simply, once you signed up with Startup Weekend, you will attend its event over the course of a weekend. In Startup Weekend’s words – learning how to put your business ideas to formality. On top of having your company ideas formed and what not, you will also meet mentors, investors, co-founders, etc. All over the course of a weekend startup event.


Here are 10 successful companies that started from Startup Weekends.


  1. LootCrate


Image via LootCrate

Lootcrate is a subscription box service established in 2012, where it provides monthly boxes of geek- and gaming-related merchandises. Its founders, Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo aims to create a “comic-con in a box” kind of box for geeks. By 2014, LootCrate has 200,000 geeks and gamers across 10 countries. Two years later, in 2016 it was ranked No.1 on Inc’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and Deloitte Fast 500 North Maerica’s list.


  1. Zapier


Image via Zapier


If you have worked around different web apps before, you would be no stranger to Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect different web applications together to create cross-functionality where previously only people with high knowledge in technicality know how to tackle.


Zapier itself actually started as a project at Startup Weekend Columbia back in 2011, and the founding team is still together. They are supported by a team of 54 remote workers, all living across the globe.


  1. Airstoc


Image via Airstoc

Airstoc was founded in 2014 after a successful run at Startup Weekend, Sheffield. This company is building its first dedicated marketplace for professional aerial-drone footage. As a fast-growing and controversial new area of technology, Airstoc’s team are making good use of their first-mover advantage by going on to raise multiple funding rounds. They were looking to expand their team back then.


As proven, you don’t have to be connected to a tech body from California to achieve great things. Startup Weekend works fine too!


Unfortunately, Airstoc shut down some time in 2018 as it was unable to sustain endless financial pressures and market fluctuations. As claimed in this Medium.com article, it claimed that Airstoc couldn’t work with the time and resources they were accessed to. Despite all that, drones are “here to stay”.


  1. Spare Change


Image via Pixabay

Spare Change is another “alumnus” of Startup Weekend Sheffield. It is a social enterprise on a mission to help solve the problems faced by homeless people in the United Kingdom. It was founded back in June 2016, Spare Change received mentorship by DotForge Accelerator after winning Startup Weekend to assist them in developing their business.


Spare Change now become deeply involved with many communities and charitable organizations in their region. They push for continuous learning, and growing the company to carry on building a solution that truly helps homeless individuals.


  1. Launchrock


Image via LauncRock

Launchrock began its journey at Startup Weekend Philadelphia in 2011. Its pitch at that event was a platform to build landing pages and hype around pre-launch companies. Their idea was very meta at a Startup Weekend!


Since that Startup Weekend, Launchrock helped many people launch their businesses. It has raised a solid round of seed funding and eventually being acquired three years later.


  1. Foodspotting (OpenTable)


Image via OpenTable (Foodspotting)


Foodspotting is a community-driven dish discovery app that allows people to find, share and recommend food dishes. It’s a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of being like Yelp where you read and write restaurant reviews, you find and share dishes on the site.


The company now is owned and acquired by OpenTable.


  1. Zaarly


Image via Zaarly

Zaarly in an alumnus of Startup Weekend (Los Angeles) too. Its main focus of business is on house cleaning, handyman and lawn care services in Kansas City and San Francisco.


In need of a plumber? Choose the city you are in, key in what you need, and your results will show up. It works almost like your typical web search engine!


  1. Truckily



Image via Truckily


This company provides marketing software services for food trucks. On its website it claims to be “the premier food truck app”. It lets you share and update your truck location with one click from your phone. Truck locations are put on Truckily’s map also, so diners can easily find your truck without having to scour their newsfeed.


As Truckily is designed ground-up to manage food truck’s digital presence, its app is available on both iPhone and Android phones.


  1. EventUp



Image via EventUp

EventUp is a site for business owners to list their venues for corporate events. They showcase businesses’ venue to national audiences. On top of that, they also deliver corporate clients, private dining experiences, and all other events.


The site doesn’t just provide services for business owners to list venues. It also let other people search and rent the places listed by business owners.


  1. Rover


Image via Rover

Rover came through Startup Weekend Seattle. It’s made for people who want to find a loving dog sitter. The site itself works almost like a TripAdvisor site, except for dog-sitters.


Hire a dog-sitter. If you are happy with his/her dog-sitting services, leave a review. The site claims that all new sitters pass a basic background check. Sitters also provide a detailed profile and personal information. All sitters are approved by Rover’s team of sitter specialists.


Are you interested in putting forward your business idea to reality? Join Startup Weekend, and meet other fellow startup business owners. Share ideas. Network to increase your contact list. Get investors and mentors on board to help you through. All it takes is for you to sign up and present your idea in 60 seconds. A bad idea is still a good idea anyway.

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