Great news for fellow developers out there ! Google Play Store has recently launched a new feature which adds more options for developers to code mobile applications with.

Progressive Web App (PWA) now offered in Google Play Store


The new feature which is called Trusted Web Activities (TWA), allows Progressive Web Apps to be offered on the Google Play Store in tandem with the introduction of Chrome 72. Basically, the new update allows PWAs to be installed and operated within the Chrome environment. Therefore, we are expecting more lightweight applications and more opportunities for developers out there to provide hybrid app solution.



So, What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?


A progressive web app is an application that runs on a web browser. This means that as soon as users access the mobile app, they can instantly start using it, as opposed to native apps that users need to download and install before they actually get to use it. 

Many designers, recognizing the popularity of mobile apps, have begun developing a blend of traditional app behaviors with web page behaviors. This website-app hybrid is called a Progressive Web App. 

As progressive web apps become more popular, we’ll see the upgrading of functionality of websites to include things like push notifications, splash screens, offline mode, and animated page transitions. We will see greatly refined cognitive capabilities, greater dependency on natural language processing, and more automation. Apps will learn and then react to your personal preferences and style.

Ultimately, Steve Job’s speech during MacWorld 2007 is realizing. It is great to see how far technology has changed within these past few decades.



Why wait, create your own PWA today !