‘Menur’ means ‘Jasmine’ in old Javanese language.

Shaping Sarawak’s fashion industry, Menur is a leading local lifestyle brand founded in Kuching by Natasha Jasmine Edwina in 2017.

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Menur’s Style

They are known for producing high quality bespoke scarves with aesthetic floral design elements inspired by local artisans and talented craftsmen.

Natasha started off scarf designing as a hobby by designing for digital printed scarves. Subsequently, she transformed it into a business which was the best decision of her life.

Since its founding in 2017, Menur has now expanded throughout Southeast Asia and has a strong presence in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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One of Menur’s most popular design ‘A Marrylis Black’


Menur’s specialty is allowing their customers to customize their textile design and choose from a range of high quality material, making its customized design exclusive to its customers.

From its beginning of producing customized textiles, Menur has expanded into producing fashion accessories, ready-to-wears and home furnishing to transform its brand into a lifestyle brand.

Menur also engages with the local community by working with local craftsmen and artisans to produce their products, contributing to the socioeconomics of the local community.

Menur’s office is located at B325-B329, Level 3, Block B2, ICOM Square, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak

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